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Patents and Disclosures

[P1]. Mohammad Mehrmohammadi, Juri Gelovani, Sonia S. Hassan, Edgar Hernandez-Andrade, Yan Yan, “Methods and Apparatus for multi-parameter measurement of fetal brain oxygen consumption during labor and delivery”, US208/0214119 A1 

[P2]. Mohammad Mehrmohammadi, Ivan Avrutsky, “All-reflective Omnidirectional Illumination System for Photoacoustic Tomography”, WO 2019/027697 A1 

[P3]. Mohammad Mehrmohammadi, Yan Yan, Loay Kabbani, Nicole Kennedy, “Method and apparatus for simultaneous Photoacoustic imaging and laser ablation”, disclosure is filed to Henry Ford Health System, WO 2019/152789 A1 

[P4]. Mohammad Mehrmohammadi, Sonia S. Hassan, Edgar Hernandez-Andrade, Yan Yan, Maryam Basij, 
“Methods and Apparatus for Evaluation of Cervical Tissue Consistency Using Ultrasound, Viscoelasticity, and Photoacoustic Imaging”, US202/00121242 A1 

[P5]. Mohammad Mehrmohammadi, Samuel John, Loay Kabbani, “Photoacoustic method for guidance of gastric tube placement”, Disclosure filed in April 2020 

[P6]. Mohammad Mehrmohammadi, Maryam Basij, Samuel John, “Endoscopic array-based photoacoustic-guided laser ablation Theranostic System”, Disclosure filed in August 2021

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