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  • Breast cancer is among women's most diagnosed cancers in the United States – second to basal and squamous cell skin cancers. With women have nearly a 12.8% lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.

  • •Existing imaging modalities, such as mammography, have lowered sensitivity in women with dense breasts (BI-RADS 3 and 4). Therefore, adjunct modalities such as ultrasound tomography (UST) are being studied.

  • Photoacoustic tomography (UST) can be a complement to UST and provides functional and molecular information to UST's structural information. Quantitative information such as oxygen saturation (one metric to identify cancer) from PAT suffers from increased bias and error due to optical attenuation from tissue. 

  • To correct these effects, we synergistically combine structural information from UST to build a numerical model of the object of interest and estimate the light fluence using Monte Carlo light modeling. Sound speed and light fluence estimates make it possible to produce optical and acoustical compensated PAT OAcPAT. This OAcPAT algorithm has been shown to improve image quality and spectral unmixing measurements.


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