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Former Lab Members:


Naser Alijabbari, PhD

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Virginia

Research interest: Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Tomography of Breast Cancer

Suhail Alshahrani, Ph.D.

Former PhD Student, Biomedical Engineering, Wayne State University

I am a teacher assistant at King Saud University. I got my master degree from Wayne State University, and

now I’m completing my PhD. I have a general interest in medical devices. I believe that any improvement in

medical devices will improve public health. I’m interested in medical imaging techniques that help to detect

breast cancer.

Research interest: Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Tomography for breast cancer imaging


Dr. Nina Yin

Visiting Research Scholar

Research interest: Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging of Ovarian Cancer, Vascular imaging

Current position: Faculty at Hubei University of Chinese Medicine





Jiayin (Jenn) Dong


M.S. Biomedical Physics (Prospective, senior) 


Assist in spectroscopic photoacoustic imaging acquisition by designing and making

tissue-mimicking phantom. MyGoal: Ultimately to obtain a medical degree with a focus on radiology/medical imaging, equipped with the engineering mindset and skills for research.

Research interest: Ultrasound and Photoacoustic for maternal care


Current position: Research Assistant, Ryerson University



Pranav Chokda

Graduate Student,Wayne State University

 Currently my roles include design and development of precision motion control algorithm and platform.

I assist in research and development of biomedical devices, system integration and concept prototyping.

I love science in general. But I work in areas involving physics, embedded systems, robotics, programming,

electronics and mechatronics.

Current position: Validation Engineer (R&D) at  Autoliv-Nissin Systems



Vishal Nayan Srivastava

Graduate Student,Wayne State University

An electrical engineer,work on  research projects.Validate concepts by simulations with Comsol Multiphysics,MATLAB,and C.Working on laser,optical fibers and magnetmotive ultrasound imaging for the

medical device development. I develop electronic prototypes and assist system intergration. My domain of

interest includes control systems,signal processing, and robotics.  

Current position: Hardware in loop engineer at Ford Motor Company







Sirisha Kondle

Graduate Student,Wayne State University

I am pursuing masters in Electrical Engineering. I am working on Monte-Carlo simulations of light

diffusion in tissue for applications in Photoacoustic Imaging. My interests are in image processing,

control systems and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. I work with the tools such as MATLAB and

C for the projects.


Current position: System Engineer at Magna Electronics







Rafael Lima


Undergraduate Visiting Student,Wayne State University




Current position: Mechatronics Engineering Student at Universidade de Brasilia 







Matheus Henrique


Undergraduate Visiting Student,Wayne State University




Current position: Research Engineer at ProLife Equipamentos Médicos










Bhargava Saripalli


MS in Mechanical Engineering


Current position: CAE Engineer at Ficosa North America






Siddhartha Yadlapalli

Current position: Application  Engineer at Altair

Graduate Student in Electrical Engineering

My current project in the lab is deveolping a Magnetic Pulser which is used to make the nano particles

in the tissue to vibrate and also i have designed this website, i also assist the team in the lab.


Current position: System Test Engineer at ALTEN Technology



Barrington O'Brian Brown


Graduate Student (MSc Electrical Engineering), Wayne State University

My current project involves the design and development of a FPGA based control for ultrasonic photo

acoustic imaging.I provide assistance to the Ultrasound Lab team to research and develop cutting edge

technology for the advancement of the Biomedical field.My interest include Embedded Systems, Smart Systems, Control Systems, Mobile App Development and Web Design and I enjoy challenging myself

with projects which allow me to use my skills and creativity in these areas.

Current position: Embedded Software Engineer at ZF Group



Akshay Sanjay Bahursettiwar

Masters in Industrial Engineering

Working as a Student Assistant in designing and 3d modelling. My interests are Designing,

Automobiles, Hiking, Sports.


Current position: Quality Engineer at Zimmer Biomet



Nelvin Pious

Graduate Student in Electrical Engineering

Currently I'm working on Spectroscopy Imaging .I'm assisting Yan  to develop a software for the

spectroscopy imaging part . I work mainly on MATLAB software.


Current position: Software Test Coordinator at Valeo




Zienab Dabaja

B.S. Biology 

Project: Ex vivo blood oxygen control for validation of Photoacoustic

Spectroscopy measurements

My name is Zienab Dabaja and I'm an undergraduate student studying Biology and in the Pre-Medicine program.





Arjun Singh Katailiha

MS in Biomedical Engineering

Replicating the body part of human to make tissue mimicking phantom

Interest- Biomedical Instruments, Sensors, Bio-MEMS.


Current position: Research Technician, MD Anderson Cancer Institute




Ayushi Jharia

B.S. Mechanical Engineering 

Project: Image guided laser-treatment of Varicose Vein

I am currently a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering Honors/Premed and my project deals with improving the current treatment methods for varicose veins. My role is to create phantoms and run experiments utilizing Verasonics Vantage 128, ultrasound transducers, and pulsed/continuous lasers.


Current Position: Manufacturing Engineer at Terumo Heart, Inc.




Nicole Witzleben

B.S. Biomedical Physics 

Project: Magneto-motive Ultrasound Imaging

I'm a senior studying biomedical physics and I'm in the process of applying to medical schools. My goal is to become a neonatologist.


Current position: Engineer at Evision Tech/Masters student at Wayne State University


Garrett Tuer

MS. Biomedical Engineering

Research interest: Magneto-motive Ultrasound Imaging


Current position: Software Developer at Torch Technologies, Inc.



Keerthana (Keetu) Palani

B.S. Biomedical Engineering 

Project: Image guided laser-treatment of Varicose Vein

I am an undergraduate student studying Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in bioinstrumentation. I want to pursue a career in management consulting and hope doing research will help me in solving complex problems.

Research interest: Photoacousticc guided endovenous laser ablation.


Current Position: Graduate Student at Columbia University



Yashashree (Yash) Majalikar

BS in Biomedical Engineering

I am a third year undergraduate Biomedical Engineering student with a concentration in biomedical instrumentation who enjoys math, programming, and cooking. 

Project: Currently working on a project on imaging collagen content in cervix tissue in order to predict preterm delivery. 

Research interest: Ultrasound and Photoacoustic for maternal care


Current Position: Junior Product Engineer at Merit Technologies Worldwide








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